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The Search Of The Heart
Hermann of Carinthia, Benjamin N. Dykes
Játszmák világa
Járó Katalin
Magyar szólások és közmondások
O. Nagy Gabor
Bábel fiai
Moskát Anita
Evészavarok és testképzavarok
Túry Ferenc, Pászthy Bea
Astrologie für jederman
Heinz Sandauer
Tanuljunk könnyen gyorsan németül
Ernst Häckel
Paleolit edzés
Lakatos Péter
Három veréb hat szemmel
Weöres Sándor
Álmok (Träume – die geheimnisvolle Sprache des Unbewussten)
Verena Kast

The Nun

The Nun - Denis Diderot, Russell Goulbourne The wicked librarian refused to lend it to me, so I had to ask my mother to borrow. Actually I wanted to read it because she mentioned some funny story about a nun who was caught with her priest lover and hurriedly put his underwear on her head instead of her veil. Of course there was no such story in this book, but later I read it in a collection titled Peasant Decameron. Shame on me, this is my most vivid memory about the book. I should really re-read it, but somehow never have the mood, it was rather depressing.