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The Search Of The Heart
Hermann of Carinthia, Benjamin N. Dykes
Játszmák világa
Járó Katalin
Magyar szólások és közmondások
O. Nagy Gabor
Bábel fiai
Moskát Anita
Evészavarok és testképzavarok
Túry Ferenc, Pászthy Bea
Astrologie für jederman
Heinz Sandauer
Tanuljunk könnyen gyorsan németül
Ernst Häckel
Paleolit edzés
Lakatos Péter
Három veréb hat szemmel
Weöres Sándor
Álmok (Träume – die geheimnisvolle Sprache des Unbewussten)
Verena Kast

The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories

The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories - Susanna Clarke, Charles Vess Uninspired and uninspiring. Not that bad, but I couldn't tell you one reason why read these stories instead of or besiedes original fairy tales. It was so painfully boring that I gave it up when I still had two or three to read.
The only truly good character was Mr. Simonelli, his story is the only one I would recommend from this collection. He reminded me of another unforgettable Englishman, Adrian Mole. I felt really sorry for the story of Queen Mary, it could have been so much better.